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Local and Long Distance
Charges include equipment and personnel. Prices are for local area. For distances greater then (10) miles an additional charge of $ 2.50 per mile one way will be added.

Transfer of Remains to Funeral Home

Local (within 10 miles)

Vehicles (within 10 mile radius)

Hearse, local
Limousine, local
Flower Car, local
Service van, (flowers), local
Service Car, (Clergy) local
Family Car, local

Delivery of cremated remains within 25 miles

$ 375.00               

$ 375.00               
$ 375.00               
$ 375.00               
$ 250.00               
$ 250.00               
$ 250.00               

$ 95.00               


Additional Expenses
Arranging the funeral ceremony and committal often requires the funeral home to pay others on your behalf. We do not charge for this service. An example of the people who may expect payment in advance include the cemetery, church/synagogue or clergy. Often the timing of the funeral arrangements - hour, date, or holiday - may make it necessary for us to estimate what advances you want us to make on your behalf.

This list does not include prices for certain items that you may ask us to buy for you such as cemetery or crematory services, flowers, and newspaper notices. The price for those items will be shown on your bill or statement describing the funeral goods and services you selected.

Prices effective September 27, 2016 and are subject to change without notice.
For full service funerals, additional options or a complete price list please Contact Us.